When you start the game, you should find an (almost) unlimited amount of trees. Press the C button on your keyboard to punch them and press the arrow keys to move around. Open your inventory with the X button.You should see an item called 'Workbench'. Press the C button to select the Workbench. Place the Workbench by pressing the C button. Craft with the workbench by facing it and pressing X.

You should see that your inventory has been replaced with the workbench. Don't worry, your items are still in your inventory. Just take a step or two back and don't face the workbench and press the X button. Your items should be still there. You'll need to make a whole set of wooden tools. If you do not have the ingredients, just punch some more trees. After you make the tool, check your inventory (press X) and make that there is the following tools in your inventory: Wood Pick, Wood and Pick. Pick up Workbench (and Furnace, Oven, and Lantern) with Power Glove.

Do not touch cactus or the Mobs. Mine in Stone with C. Mine out a home. You can't place Blocks, but you can grow trees to block mobs with Acorns. Get lots of stone and wood. build stone tools. Find staircase leading to Underground. If it is surrounded by unbreakable blocks, then that is not underground. Make another home around the staircase. Mine sand with a shovel. You can also shovel dirt(by shoveling sand on top of it first) to make a barrier monsters can not cross for a door. Make Furnace and Oven. Start Wheat Farm. Get lots of sand.

Smelt sand to Glass. Kill lots of slime's. Make lots of Lanterns. Journey Underground. Yes, there is no Z. You need to install Minicraft+ to use Z. I haven't gone underground yet, so your on your own there. In The Underground there is ores that you can mine. Be careful as the 3rd layer down's ore spikes can harm you. Then you can use a furnace to smelt the ore with coal. What you need to do is create a loom to make armor to make you stronger. Sorry, but i dont know how to create a loom, but i have been looking FOREVER! click the edit button.