ONLY APPLIES TO MINICRAFT PLUS including commonly asked questions

Q: how do I destroy/pickup torches,crafting tables,anvils e.t.c

A: to pick up the torch (or what ever it is) press the pick up key

Q: I dont know how to play

A: open the menu (esc) and hit (enter) on change key bindings you can change your key binds

Q: Why can't I destroy the wall surrounding the stair case to the cloud place? (in the overworld)

A: in order to destroy the wall surroudn the stairs, you need a gem pick axe. they can be acquired by entering the lowest level of the cave (3rd level) it requires 50 gems and 5 wood.

Q: How can I create potions?

A: potions are created by using and enchanter, to create one you need lapis (a bunch of blue spikes) wood and string you will also need glass to create to bottles (by using sand in a furnace)

Q: why did you make this when they are already there?

A: well the thing is, most people can't seem to just look it up so they ask the same thing thelast 100 commencters asked

Q: how can I play/download the game?

A: If you didn't decided to look it up your self, here it is

you will also need java to run the game