Not to be confused with Mob, an altered version of Minicraft. Unlike Minecraft, however, Minicraft Mods often are not installed by downloading a zip file and putting it in a jar, firstly because Minicraft is a Web-based game, and secondly because there is currently no actively updated modding example being []. A list of mods:

Name Description Creator Links for download
Minicraft Delux Sammakko
Minicrate Adds lots of new monsters, 3 different NPCs, Fire, magic jon
Minicraft Save & Load Self-explanatory David
Minicraft+ Adds Magic and quickslots(like the hotbar in Minecraft) TheJackiMonster and Zelosfan Please add
Alecraft Adds day/night, Fog of War(makes chunks of the screen black if it is obstruced by a something or during nighttime), randomly generated houses(not in groups) and a save feature Dejvino
Hackcraft Adds hacks and cheats Dillyg10 and Shane
God Mode Self-explanatory Dezlad
Creative Mode Self-explanatory Dillyg10
Magic Adds magic attack and Mana Dezlad
Fly Adds wings which you can use to fly mgcross
Creeper Adds creepers Lenkyl
RPGCraft Adds RPG-style elements such as Villages, NPCs and quests Destradious Please add
MinicraftPlus Otherwise known as Minicraft+. Adds MANY features, and is one of the bigger Minicraft modifications. Dillyg10, Chris J, and JusticePro

NOTE: These are only the main features. Mods may contain (much) more features. John Philip Leones