Biomes describe the distinct different types of land in the game. There are six types of biome: Sand, Forest, Stone, Ocean, Cave, and Sky. The Player has the possibility of spawning in the sand, forest, or rock biomes. The Ocean, Cave, and Sky biomes can not spawn the Staircase to the Sky World.


The Sand biome is the only one that spawns Sand and cacti. Mobs will spawn in this biome and can be damaged by the cacti.


The Stone biome contains Stone, along with the occasional Tree. There will also be a possibility to find stairs to the Underground. Mobs can spawn in this biome.


The Forest biome is abundant with Trees, Flowers, along with grass. Mobs can spawn in this biome.


The Ocean biome contains the most Water. It tends to be located between other biomes. Mobs cannot spawn in this biome.


The Cave biome is only located in the Underground. It is the only location of Iron, Gold, and Gem Spikes. Mobs will frequently spawn here.


The Sky biome is only located in the Sky World. It is the only location of the Air Wizard, along with the Cloud terrain and the White Spikes.

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Forest Biome

Forest biome

Sand Biome

Sand biome