Warning: Upon defeat of this enemy you will have to start over unless you have Minicraft Plus.

The Air Wizard is the boss of Minicraft. It can be found in the Sky World. It has 2,000 Health. Touching it does 3 damage to the Player and it's ranged attack does 1 damage to the player. The ranged attack also deals damage to the Mobs but it's not ideal to rely on it to finish enemies. If you are playing Minicraft Plus, it will unlock a secret dungeon floor underneath the lava level.


The Air Wizard does not drop anything upon defeat. Once the Air Wizard is defeated, the game ends and it shows your time and score. (Unless you have Minicraft Plus in which you can keep playing)


Touching the Air Wizard will inflict 3 damage to the Player, and its curtain attack does 1 damage for each hit. Fighting the Wizard by himself would not be too hard, but the Sky World is populated by many tough enemies. The Black Zombies and Black Slimes are more harmful than the Wizard himself. Furthermore, the player is unable to dig protective Holes.

To avoid an aggravating death, bring a lot of Bread to the Sky World. A Gem Sword is recommended to deal with Mobs quickly. It is strongly recommended to be constantly aware of the player's health. If a break is needed, you can always go down the Staircase. The Air Wizard's health will persist. He will begin blink red when low on health.


Air Wizard Battle

The air wizard (bottom right), performing an attack

Minicraft Victory

The message presented after beating the Air Wizard